"You Must Remember This" is the first episode in the first season of the show As Time Goes by. It originally aired on 12 January 1992.

Plot Edit

The scene begins with Lionel Hardcastle entering the lobby of the hotel waiting for a secretary to arrive. He acts curtly towards the waitress that waits on him, ordering a pot of coffee. He is served a cup of coffee that will be topped off as he finishes drinking the coffee in the cup.

A woman is exiting a door with the words "'Type for You' Secretarial Agency 1st. Floor" and takes off her shoe to throw it at the door. She picks it up and promptly leaves the area. Inside the office we learn that the woman that threw her shoe at the window was an incompetent secretary and was fired by Jean. She talks to the two employees that work with her at the office Judith, her daughter, and Sandy. Judith mentions that the other workers find Jean cold and have recently given her the nickname "Crabapples". Judith is given the task of placating the angry client, Lionel, by Jean because she is good at it. Jean also suggests that if the client is a heterosexual, to show off her legs.

Lionel gains amusement at the lobby keeping the waitress on edge on when to refill his coffee cup by repeatedly bring the cup to his lips, but not drinking from it. Judith arrives and apologizes for the secretary that was sent to him. She crosses her legs in a dress. Lionel is placated and begins to talk about the reason he hired a secretary, he is writing a book on his life in Kenya planting coffee aptly named "My Life in Kenya". He then is reminded of the imcompetency of the secretary when he remembers that she thought parathensis meant parents. Judith apologizes again whilst crossing her legs and then Lionel comments on it. He suggests they drink something stronger than coffee and water.

Back at the office, Jean learns that Judith is going out with the client for dinner. We also learn that Judith has had two divorces. Their names are possibly Ken and Edward. Ken had sad eyes and Edward was having an affair with two women. Jean is going to work at home again.

Lionel arrives at the house and is waiting for Judith to get ready. He and Jean begin to recognize each other, though they are both not sure. Jean becomes distracted while working at home. She also learns that the workers at her agency no longer call her "crabapples", they call her "iron drawers" now.

Lionel and Judith are have just finished their entrees at the restaurant. They had a terrible dinner. Lionel asks about Jean. Judith is disappointed by this and asks for Lionel to make her laugh. He gets cramp.

Jean is extremely distracted while working with Sandy. She finds a book and looks at it.

Lionel still has cramp at the restaurant and Judith suggests that he put his barefoot flat on the floor. It works, but the waiter picks up the sock that he took off. Judith asks why Lionel has been asking about her mother. Lionel tell Judith that he believes he knew her mother when he was young.

Judith comes home and Jean tell her about how she fell in love with Lionel before he was shipped off to the Korean War and how she never got a letter from him.

Lionel and Jean find each other and reminise about their previous relationship. They also find out that it was simply a case of a lost letter. They agree he needs a new secretary and that the replacement will be sent to the hotel.

Lionel tells the waitress that has decided to leave the hotel.

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Sandy has a cute look